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I had my first experience connecting with spirit as a very young child. At the age of three my father sadly passed away. After his death I would continue to feel his presence, and on occasion I would even see my father standing quietly across the room. Although this brought great comfort to me at first; a young girl who had recently lost her Daddy and missed him very much, this comfort quickly turned to confusion and misunderstanding, and later into fear. I vividly remember crying, scared and asking my father in spirit to go away. He did as I asked, and I no longer felt or saw him. At first I was grateful he stepped back, but later, when I began to miss him, I blamed myself for his seeming disappearance from my life.

As a child and young adult, I was known to be very sensitive, and extremely emotional. I struggled, experiencing huge fluctuations in my moods, feelings, and emotions. I suffered from headaches, and battled depression. Completely unaware at that point in my journey that I was an Empath.

I have always been drawn to work with people with special needs, children and animals that can’t speak for themselves. Being an Empath, I am intuitively aware of...READ MORE

"Death is the greatest illusion of all"

- Osho 



Thank you to all my clients who have spoken so highly of your personal experiences with me. I truly appreciate and hold dear to my heart the experiences I share with you and your loved ones in spirit.  ~Alana

"Alana is a beautiful and gifted evidential medium, & highly intuitive. If you are looking to hear from your loved ones who have crossed over, I highly recommend Alana Taylor. The body does not live forever, our souls are energy, & energy never dies. Alana can connect with your loved ones, giving you clear and concise evidence that those family members, friends, husbands, wives, and pets are always with you and have never left."

~ Jacqui P , Caledon, ON

"I just wanted to say that I had a wonderful experience with you Alana at the reading you did for me... You were right on the money with everything that they were trying to come forward with... A few of the things that you said have really stuck in my head, and it has made my life easier. I'm more relaxed now and I'm trying not to be a worry wort anymore. I can't stop thinking of that night and I can't stop telling everyone about it. I want to thank you again for a wonderful evening... Loved it!"

~ Alice Camplin, Hillsburgh, ON. 

"I had a reading with Alana and she brought forward someone I miss dearly. Alana was able to provide evidence to me to show that it was my brother that she was communicating with telling me things their is no way she would know! To know he was okay and to know he is with me everywhere I go meant so much to me. it filled a piece of my heart that has been empty since he left. I couldn't thank Alana enough for getting in touch with my brother and bringing him back to life!" 

~Lindsay Wright, Brampton, ON 

 "I had the wonderful opportunity of having a reading with Alana. I was stunned and amazed when she started communicating the messages from spirit that she was receiving, and it turned out to clearly be my grandmother. I left feeling so full of love and guidance, not only from my late grandmother, but from the collective universe. Alana is so talented with this beautiful gift that she has taken the time and effort to develop and share. I highly recommend her as someone that you can be certain that you will get a genuine reading from, and who delivers it in such a thoughtful and gentle way as well. It was one of the most powerful experiences I have had, it changed my life. Thank you Alana!" 

~Nicola Fraser, Georgetown, ON

 "I had a reading done by Alana, and she was bang on everything! She has the ability to connect with spirit on a deeper level, and bring lots of healing to the people who need it the most. Alana is amazing, and anyone who gets a reading from her would leave with relief and warmth in their hearts."

~Dana Mackovcinova, Woodbridge, ON

  "I absolutely loved my reading with Alana, It was profoundly healing. Alana has beautiful energy, and is kind and compassionate. Thank you for your loving words from spirit."

~Sharon Oleson, Caledon, On.

"Alana is one of the most compassionate, loving, and accurate Mediums I have ever trained.  Watching her deliver mediumship readings and messages is like watching her deliver a major dose of healing directly into someone's life. Powerful and unforgettable, every time." ~Mary-Anne Kennedy, Erin, ON

"Alana is a truly beautiful soul who operates from the heart. I have had the pleasure of witnessing Alana give wonderful healing messages from loved ones who have transitioned as well as receiving messages myself. She has a beautiful connection with spirit which she honors deeply. 

Alana is also a gifted healer in her Reiki Practice. Alana's energy is soft & relaxing and her messages are enlightening and very accurate. I would highly recommend Alana."

~Leeann Scheinhuette, Orangeville, ON

"I have been lucky enough to have received two readings from the incredible and beautiful Alana, as well as witnessing her share many messages of love and comfort. She uses her skills and talents to give clear undeniable validations to support the beautiful messages that she passes on with light, love, and the highest and best intentions. The messages that I have received have been the most accurate and comforting messages that I have ever received. I read them over when I am missing my daughter to help me through. I will be forever grateful for gifts of love that she has given me."

 ~N. W, Orangeville, ON

 "I used Alana as a Medium, and it was an incredible experience, very emotional too. She was able to connect me with my Granny, who I was really hoping to hear from most. My first horse also came through, Alana described him perfectly and he gave me a touching message and some memories. A small spirit came through with a message for a close friend of mine, I gave it to her and she said it literally changed her life. It was something she really needed to hear. I also heard some things that I desperately needed to hear, Personal things that nobody knew about. The experience touched my heart, and helped me to begin the healing process of some events that I have been struggling with. I highly recommend Alana, and hope to use her gifts again one day soon."

~Jennifer Turtscher, Caledon, ON

   "I have invited Alana to my home twice to do readings for family and friends.  I found Alana to be warm, kind and I immediately liked her. She put the groups at ease with her gentleness and humour.  There is no doubt that she is a gifted medium. Every spirit that she brought through was recognized by specific details that no one could have known. I heard from my beloved dog Finn, and she shared a message of healing and love by which I am forever touched. Most of the guests at the events that I hosted would say the same.  You will be in safe, gifted hands should you decide to seek out a reading with Alana." 

~Robert Hockley, Caledon, ON

   "Thank you again for seeing me and giving me the awesome messages from my family. You have a beautiful gift that makes such an incredible impact. So glad to have met you." 

~Aleks Borreta, Brampton, On


Experience the extraordinary, beautiful healing that comes from connecting with your loved ones in spirit. Discover how close to you they still are and forever will remain. Love never dies. 

Mediumship is the gift of connecting with those who have passed on; transitioned from this physical world as we know it, to a peaceful, blissful afterlife.

Together we'll connect to your loved ones, bringing you validation, messages and healing. My goal as a medium is to be a clear channel, using my developed skills of clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), claircognizance (clear knowing).  

Readings include extensive validation as well as messages from loved ones in spirit.

Please do not provide any information to me ahead of time about yourself or your spirit loved ones.  Let them do that when we sit together...

1-on-1 readings for one person in Brampton. Address provided upon booking.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's life force energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.
A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being. 

Reiki is a simple & safe method of spiritual healing that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and issue and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. (International Centre for Reiki Training)


Want your horse to feel the same benefits of Reiki that you've enjoyed?  I am a highly experienced horse person AND a certified Reiki Practitioner. 

Barn visits within 30 minutes of Brampton.  Farther distances may be accommodated for additional travel fee.


Group mediumship readings provide groups of up to 8 people the opportunity to hear from beautiful loved ones on the other side.  It will always be my goal to bring through as many loved ones as possible during our two hours together, but I can not absolutely guarantee that all attendees will receive a reading.  Hosted at your location within 30 minutes of Brampton.  Farther distances may be accommodated for additional travel fee.


Energy clearing is designed to cleanse out the negative. Does your personal space, home or office, etc. feel heavy? Gloomy, dull, dreary or dark? When entering or spending time in your space... do you feel uncomfortable, drained, depleted or depressed? 

Every space, person, place or thing contains energy. Unseen energy fields that flow out in ripples, which can effect your every aspect of life. Energy is recorded and can be held in walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, objects, etc. Repetitive patterns, events, moods, experiences, emotions or trauma can become deeply imprinted in objects, place's or your own physical space. Your aura, your chakras,your energy within your body. 

Everything and everyone, even pets can benefit from a good clearing. Bring back the free flow of pure light, love and positive energy. Brighten, lighten, energize and revive any space, You'll be amazed at the improvement to your general health and well being.



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